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In the case of both children and adults, challenging behaviours can simply be an indicator of a lagging skill or unsolved problem.

Our partner in education, Kaizen Education Services, recognizes that a lot of the time these lagging skills are of the Executive Functioning variety. Children and adults with compromised or delayed Executive Function Skills can display very challenging behaviours for which they are often blamed and even sometimes called “lazy,” “unmotivated” or “not trying hard enough.”

In the developing brain of a child, it is often the protracted development of the prefrontal cortex that is to blame. In the case of an adult, years of doing the same thing over and over again with little improvement can lead to a feeling of frustration and helplessness. However, there is hope!

The research shows us that coaching affected children and adults to develop better Executive Function Skills and making adjustments to the demands placed upon them are much more helpful (and sustainable!) than punishment for difficult behaviour.

Kaizen coaches students of all ages to build their Executive Function Skills unique to their brain with the goal of fostering growth both in and out of the classroom. Their coaches are a dedicated team of educators with years of experience who have been specially trained to support students with Executive Skill deficits and learning differences. They work with brains with a full spectrum of learning challenges, including ADHD.

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