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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I’m not sure who to see? What should I do?

Be sure to try our interactive “Find a Therapist” feature  that helps point you to appropriate therapists who can address your specific needs. But if you’d still like some guidance, just call or email us. At Hexagon Psychology, we want to find the perfect fit for you and your needs and are happy to discuss what you’re looking for before you book an appointment.

Can I change my therapist if they aren’t the right fit for me?

Absolutely! Finding the right person who you click with is vital, and you should never stay with someone you do not feel a connection with. If you are wanting to see someone different, speak to your current therapist. We promise they won’t be offended and will do everything in their power to find you the right provider. If that process makes you feel uncomfortable, you are also welcome to email info@hexagonpsychology.ca or call 403.899.3223 to speak with our Clinic Manager.

Do you direct bill?

At this time, we do not direct bill, but we will give you a receipt that you can send to your healthcare insurance provider for reimbursement.

What's the difference between assessment, counselling, and speech & language therapy?

Please see this page for a detailed overview of these three areas.

Is there a waiting room for me to sit in?

Yes! We do have a waiting room to sit in prior to your appointment at our Airdrie location.

If you’re a parent waiting for your child, you’re welcome to sit in our waiting room, or you can visit one of our local coffeeshops. We know lots of great spots to get a beverage, treat, or somewhere you can read your book.

Is Hexagon Psychology an inclusive health provider?

Yes! Everyone is welcome at Hexagon Psychology. In fact, many of our staff specialize in LGBTQ+ services and would be happy to meet with you. Please call or email us so that we may direct you to the most appropriate specialist.

Do you offer evening appointments?

Yes! We recognize that you may work or have other commitments during the day, so we are pleased to offer evening appointments for children, youth, and adults.

Are you open seven days a week?

While we are open by appointment only, many of our mental health professionals offer times during the day, evening, and weekends for children, youth, and adults.

Where are you located?

Our flagship clinic is in Airdrie, AB, but we also have offices in Calgary and Carstairs, AB. When booking an appointment (either by contacting us directly or doing so online), you can choose the location that works best for you.

Are your locations wheelchair friendly?

Yes! All of our offices can accommodate wheelchairs and have accessible washrooms for your use.

Do you offer online or virtual appointments?

Yes! For your convenience, we offer virtual appointments through our online booking system, Jane. They feel just like Zoom or Teams meetings, and can be taken from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Do I have to live in Alberta to receive counselling or an assessment?

No! Thanks to technology, we can practice virtually and can accommodate clients in every province in Canada. Many of our staff are registered in several provinces and are accepting new clients. To ensure we find the best professional to assist you in your province, try our interactive “Find a Therapist” feature, give our office a call at 403-899-3223 or send us an email at info@hexagonpsychology.ca.

Do you offer sliding-scale payments?

The team at Hexagon Psychology want mental health services inclusive for everyone. We would be happy to discuss your unique financial situation with you through email or phone.

Do you allow service dogs?

Yes! We just ask that the dogs keep our conversations confidential. 😁

What is your cancellation policy?

We typically require 24 hours’ notice by phone or email. To ensure we can fill the appointment with another client, please let us know as early as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule. If you do not let us know 24-hours in advance, there is a fee of a half-session ($110) charged to ensure the staff member can be compensated for their time.